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Monday, October 22, 2007

Batman 1960's

Batman 1960's

Batman (originally referred to as the Bat-Man and still referred to at times as the Batman) is a fictional comic book superhero co-created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger (although only Kane receives official credit) and published by DC Comics. The character made his first appearance in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939). Batman's secret identity is Bruce Wayne, a wealthy industrialist, playboy, and philanthropist. Witnessing the murder of his parents as a child leads him to train himself to physical and intellectual perfection and don a bat-themed costume in order to fight crime. Batman operates in Gotham City, assisted by various supporting characters including his sidekick Robin and his butler Alfred Pennyworth and fights an assortment of villains influenced by the characters' roots in film and pulp magazines.

Batman 1960's was aired on ABC from January 12, 1966 until March 14, 1968. The character of this series was based on comic book created by Bob Kane in 1939. It follows the adventures of Bruce Wayne after the death of his parents. He fights against evil-doers in Gotham City and became Batman, the Caped Crusader. Alfred Pennywirth is the only person who knows the true identity of Bruce Wayne as Batman.

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