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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Megan Fox OUSTED for Transformers 3?!?

This is not a good news according to a source, Megan Fox is not returning for Transformers 3 anymore. Shia will be given a new love interest makes more sense for the story from Michael Bay.

Fox and Bay began their feud last summer where, among other comments, she compared Bay to Hitler and Napoleon, and he said she had a lot of growing up to do (said the man whose last movie had giant robot testicles and racist caricatures). It seemed like the two had patched things up and there were no recent rumblings of dropping the actress. As recently as two weeks ago, there were photos of her on the set standing next to Bumbleebee. It’s possible that Fox wanted to be let go. As recently as this week she was blaming the director for demanding a regimen of almost non-stop tanning. I would ask who will replace her, but does anyone honestly care? Transformers has never been about the human characters.

Source: Collider

But we can still see hot and sexy Megan Fox in her upcoming movie Jonah Hex coming this summer. Transformers 3 will be up in July 1, 2011.